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Born in Pennsylvania in 1979, Matthew Paul Miller better known as Matisyahu is a Jewish American vocalist known for his blending of Orthodox Jewish music with reggae, hip-hop and rock music sharing his name with his band. Matisyahu was originally signed with JDub in 2004, while with JDub he recorded two albums 'Shake off the Dust…Arise' in 2004 and 'Youth' in 2006 whilst also completing two international tours visiting America, Canada, Europe, and Israel. Whilst in Israel he worked as a supporting act for Sting. After 'Youth' was produced, Matisyahu chose to left JDub to be represented by Gary Gersh, the former Capitol Records Producer. 'Youth' was the number one digital album in Billboard magazine. Since working with Gary Gersh, Matisyahu has gone on to record three further studio albums including Light in 2009, Spark Seeker in 2012 and 'Akeda' in 2014. His song ‘One Day’ from his Light album became the theme song for the 2010 Olympic Games, Matisyahu described it as an anthem of hope with a big beat. Whilst not being commercially successful on the US Billboard Charts, ‘One Day’ did achieve first place on the Israeli Singles Chart. However, 'Akeda' did achieve some commercial success in the US reaching number six on the iTunes chart in its first week of release. Matisyahu has always been supportive of his Israeli heritage, in 2015 his performance at the Rototom Sunsplash Festival was canceled and then reorganized due to pressure from the BDS movement in response to Matisyahu refusing to support a Palestinian state. While Matisyahu has produced several original albums as well as re-mix albums such as ‘No Place to be’ in 2006, Matisyahu is at heart a touring band who has released several live versions of their work including ‘King without a crown’ which reached number 10 in 2006.

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